Susanna Hertrich

Artist statement

Susanna Hertrich (D) is a multi-disciplinary artist working at the intersection of art and technology. Her works investigate the liminal space between the visible world and those things that normally remain hidden. Her objects demonstrate an expanded sense of reality. In a seemingly mundane context, they celebrate moments of the »strangely familiar.«
In her artistic research, she invents wondrous devices and fantastical wearables that subtly satirise our present reality. These body prostheses articulate social criticism as well as showing an outlook into an alternative future.


Susanna Hertrich is a multi-disciplinary artist working and living in Berlin and Basel. She studied at the Peter Behrens School of Art in Düsseldorf and Tokyo University of the Arts. She received an MA degree from the Royal College of Art in London (2008). Her artistic research investigates the role of the physical body in relation to a technology-driven environment. She has been working with the Meta-Perception group at the University of Tokyo and the Design Research Lab at the University of the Arts in Berlin among others. Next to her artistic practice she is a research fellow at the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures at the Academy of Art & Design in Basel FHNW, Switzerland conducting an SNF-funded project »The Sensorium of the Animals« (in collaboration with Shintaro Miyazaki). Susanna is a recipient of numerous grants and was an invited artist in residence at the Goethe Institute’s Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto (2015), Tsinghua University Art & Science Media Laboratory in Beijing (2012) and Tokyo Wonder Site (2012). Her works are exhibited internationally, including Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), Marta Herford, CAFA Art Museum (Beijing), FACT (Liverpool), Emaar Pavilion Gallery (Dubai), EMAF European Media Art Festival (Osnabrück), NODE Digital Arts Forum (Frankfurt), La Triennale di Milano and EMPAC (Troy, New York).

Susanna has been a visiting professor at Chiba University in Japan, Anhalt University in Dessau, Academy of Art and Design in Basel and she has been teaching as Associate Professor at Bergen Academy of Art & Design in Norway, next to other appointments.

Selected exhibitions

— 2017 —

  • Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston (USA)
  • Vitra Design Museum, Weil (Germany)
  • Kasteel Van Gaasbeek, Gaasbeek (Belgium)
  • MAK, Vienna (Austria)
  • Dorsky Gallery, New York City (USA)

— 2016 —

  • Schader Stiftung/Gallery // duo // Darmstadt (Germany)
  • HEK Hause der Elektronischen Künste, Basel (Switzerland)
  • STATE Festival, Berlin (Germany)
  • Hessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt (Germany)
  • EMAF European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück (Germany)
  • Bureau Europa, Maastricht (The Netherlands)

— 2015 —

  • Art Laboratory Berlin // solo // Berlin (Germany)
  • The Gallery at Emaar Pavilion, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
  • Digital Art Fest, National Academy of the Arts, Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • Kielce Institute of Design, Kielce (Poland)
  • Art Gallery National Institute of Education, Singapore (Singapore)
  • Vargas Museum, Quezon City (Philippines)

— 2014 —

  • Ⅲ. International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Mérida (Venezuela)
  • Paraflows Festival for Digital Art and Culture, Künstlerhaus, Vienna (Austria)

— 2013 —

  • Städtische Galerie, Bietigheim-Bissingen (Germany)
  • Souterrain Galerie, Berlin (Germany)
  • CAFA Art Museum, Beijing (China)
  • Alte Kongresshalle, Munich (Germany)

— 2012 —

  • Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo (Japan)
  • EMAF European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrück (Germany)

— 2011 —

  • MARTa Herford, Herford (Germany)
  • Haus am Waldsee/Sculpture park // duo // Berlin (Germany)
  • Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (Germany)
  • Z33 – House for Contemporary Art, Hasselt (Belgium)
  • La Triennale di Milano, Milano (Italy)

— 2010 —

  • Felix Ringel Gallery/garage // solo //, Düsseldorf (Germany)
  • EMPAC Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Troy, New York (USA)
  • Aedes Architecture Forum, Berlin (Germany)
  • Festival for Expanded Media, Filmwinter Stuttgart (Germany)

— 2009 —

  • Piksel Fest, Gallery stifelsen 3,14, Bergen (Norway)
  • Foundation Kop, Breda (The Netherlands)

Selected GRANTS

Selected screenings

  • 2016 | Museum für Neue Kunst, Freiburg (Germany)
  • 2010 | AND Festival, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster (United Kingdom)
  • 2009 | AND Abandon Normal Devices Festival, FACT Liverpool (United Kingdom)

Selected public appearances

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